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Alpha Jym is a new supplement that promises to increase your testosterone levels due to the content of damiana, fenugreek seed, diindolylmethane, eurycoma longifolia, ashwagandha root, and quercetin. You are aslo supposed to enhance your strength, physical performance, and muscle size. The supplement was introduced by in 2014. This testosterone booster can be only purchased on the official website which seems to be purely commercial. It does contain a few customer comments but those are likely to be fake. The manufacturer offers some other products of the kind.

According to the manufacturer, Alpha JYM maintains healthy testosterone production in both the testicles and in the brain. The product provides proper release of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the brain. This hormone enters the bloodstream and travels to the testicles, where testosterone is produced further. What is special about the product and does it really work as claimed. Let's look at its ingredients to better understand what it is all about.

Ingredients of Alpha JYM - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The official website of the product does not give the full ingredient list. It only gives a lot of promises, for example, that the supplement supports estrogen levels in the human body by providing healthy levels of enzymes responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen, a female hormone. Other ingredients in the supplement are said to support the level of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme that is known to convert testosterone into DHT. I don't think that it is a positive feature of Alpha JYM because DHT is responsible for a good sex drive, even though it drives male-pattern baldness. At the same time, the manufacturer doesn't inform the customer which definite ingredients support a healthy testosterone to DHT balance.

Alpha JYM

As the company says, the product also includes components with antioxidant properties. It means that some unknown substances in Alpha JYM protect male cells from free radicals which disturb their ability to work properly. The supplement is also said to boost testosterone by binding it to the carrier protein sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The latter is responsible for testosterone circulation in the blood stream. However, there is some disadvantage about SHBG. The matter is that this globulin holds onto testosterone, preventing it from getting to such body tissues as muscle fibers. As a result, the male muscles lose their ability to grow and develop. The product has to freeing up more testosterone.

Now it's high time to have a look at the full list of ingredients in one serving of Alpha JYM. It includes Fenugreek Seed extract 500 mg, Diindolylmethane (DIM) 250 mg, Eurycoma Longifolia root 100:1 extract 100 mg, Damiana (leaf) 500 mg, Ashwagandha Root Extract 5:1 500 mg, Quercetin (as quercetin dehydrate) 250 mg. Other ingredients include Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, and Silica. Daily value of one serving is not established.

Fenugreek Extract is mentioned to be the main ingredient in Alpha JYM whose potential benefits on their website include boosting testosterone production and preventing its conversion to estrogen and DHT. But the problem with these claims is that they are not scientifically proven. No current studies are available to support the claim that Fenugreek is really a testosterone booster. However, there is a supposition that this compound can block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, nevertheless, this ingredient remains a potential troublemaker. It doesn't promote release of testosterone but it does block DHT. The question about decreasing estrogen levels is still open. Besides, DHT is necessary for regulating your estrogen levels. When estrogen increases in the male body, the man starts noticing the growth of "man boobs."

Ashwagandha Extract can be found in many libido boosters. As soon as it showed a little promise to be able to boost testosterone, it immediately became a test booster, even though its effect hasn't been proven. Ashwagandha Extract does possess antioxidant properties, due to which it can prevent oxidative damage to the human cells. There was one study that showed a 17% increase in testosterone levels after using the compound for 90 days, however, it is not documented.

Damiana Extract is another shrub that is often contained in other libido enhancers. It is believed to possess an ability to block estrogen. There is lack of studies offering the evidence that it can slow down the release of estrogen. One study on mice showed insignificant effect of Damiana to suppress aromatase activity. On the other side, there is no evidence to prove its effectiveness in promoting healthy levels of nitric oxide. The latter is responsible for libido and workout performance.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) is another ingredient that can be found in such vegetables as broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. It features anticarcinogenic properties. This supplement has been studied in the cancer research but the results are unknown. DIM has been reported to reduce estrogen by converting it to weaker forms of estrogen which are less harmful.

Eurycoma Longfoli is also known as Eurycoma Longfol or Tongkat Ali. It is found in other libido boosters too. This t is quite a trusted testosterone booster because there is some science to back it up. A few studies have demonstrated some improve in t-levels when taking Eurycoma Longfol.

Quercetin is contained in red wine, probably this is one of the reasons why the World Doping Agency recommends this alcoholic beverage to consuming. It is believed that Quercetin works by blocking signals to excrete testosterone in the male body. There is a warning for women to avoid drinking a glass of wine before going to bed. But it is a good news for men.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

I am concerned about the ineffectiveness of the product because the company seems to be another brand on the market of supplement at present. According to numerous reviews, too many users experience no results. Another concern is a number of side effects you may have when using Alpha Jym. These include having dark urine, severe headaches, anxiousness and aggressiveness. There is lack of thorough research that would back up of deny the safety of the supplement that could be potentially dangerous for people. The side effects are really troublesome, which disturbs any positive effect that can be provided by the product. The negative reactions in users make using Alpha Jym useless. Is a dangerous product worth the money?

When I went to the official website, I saw some information relating to eurycoma longofolia and fenugreek but there were no links to research proving the claims given by the manufacturer. However, I did find a number of studies that show a completely different picture. For example, according to the Pharmacognosy Review, uses of these components may be risky to patients due to, unclear, unavailability of the safety information and lack of knowledge. DietSpotlight doesn't offer solid science to support the claims made by a manufacturer too. Here are some of the real users' reviews about the supplement.

"I got severe headaches after using Alpha Jym. I also had dark urine which made me think I could have some health condition. So, I stopped using the product. In addition, I noticed that I felt a bit paranoid when taking that supplement. In fact, I didn't notice any positive difference in my sexual health"

"Using AlphaJym I saw almost no difference in my workouts or physique. I am sure there is something bad in this supplement that messed up my stomach. I suffered from severe stomach cramps. I was not able to stay on it more than three days"

"I didn't notice any special effect of Alpha Jym. I had some success in my health but it was very insignificant. This product does not help much with strength increases. I am still looking for a worthy product to improve my physical performance"

Where To Buy Alpha JYM?

Alpha JYM can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer 180 capsules cost $30. It is quite a cheap product but due to its ineffectiveness it is not worth even this money. They do not sell the product in stores like Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

I cannot recommend Alpha JYM to usage due to the number of drawbacks. It seems not to work properly as promised on the official website. There are many negative customer comments online. I am skeptical about it because there is lack of scientific research to prove the safety and effectiveness of the product. The company seems to use the brand for business and making money.

Affordable Alternative

Many modern health specialists are sure that the problem can be perfectly solved by another product known as Testogen and I completely agree with them because study many products of the kind. I recommend you reading this Testogen review. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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