Cardio Cuts Reviews - What Is It?

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Cardio Cuts is a loss-weight product which has been produced by NDS Nutrition company which primarily goal is to be effective for cardio workouts. The supplement is not meant for people who suffer from problems with weight caused by any health complications.

It declares to provide energy and work as a thermogenic agent. It also promises to magnify endurance and to enhance muscle toning as well as to accelerate recovery time.

The manufacturer of Cardio Cuts is known not only for weight loss products but also for supplements which claim to improve your overall health. However, it is strange that the company does not point an address for their headquarters on their official website.

Ingredients of Cardio Cuts - How Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Let's look at the list of Cardio Cuts ingredients to understand whether this supplement's formula can be effective and worth buying.

Cardio Cuts

When talking about the Cardio Cuts supplement, there are a lot of ingredients, though not all of them are listed on the product's label. There are 44 various ingredients and the official website for Cardio Cuts has the detailed description of only 10 of them.

There is the first blend for thermogenesis which includes the following ingredients: coenzyme Q10- according to the claims it can boost energy. But the research says it doesn't support a helpful effect in exercise recovery. It can also cause such side effects as stomach upset, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

N-acetyl cysteine - it has many good properties but they don't have any direct connection to the aim of the supplement. Moreover, it can cause nausea, constipation, diarrhea, fever, headache, low blood pressure and even problems with liver.

Resveratrol - not much research has been conducted in humans,that is why benefits from taking Resveratrol can't be confirmed, moreover it can have some side effects in combination with other medications. You should consult your doctor before taking it.

Folic acid - this ingredient can become the reason of some serious side effects like heart attack, increase of the cancer's risk. Most common side effects are nausea, sleeping disorders, behavior changes, gas and many other unpleasant things.

The other ingredients in this group are Polygonum Cuspidatum, alpha lipoic acid, picamilon, pine bark extract and grape seed extract. Almost all of them also can be unsafe causing headache, dizziness and gut problems.

The next group of ingredients is the thermo-cardio complex which is presented by raspberry ketones-there is no trustworthy information whether it is safe or not. It can cause increased blood pressure, rapid heatbeat and a feeling of jitteriness.

Phosphatidylserine - it is the concern that products of animal origin can be unsafe because of possibility to transmit the cow madness it also can cause such side effects as insomnia and stomach upset.

Vinpocetine - it can result in the following side effects as stomach pain, nausea, sleep disorders, headache, nervousness, and allergic reaction. Vinpocetine might weaken the immune system which in its turn decreases the ability of your body to fight infections.

There are some additional ingredients which can be found in this formula. They are citrus aurantium extract, caffeine anhydrous, lotus seed extract, guarana seed extract, amla extract.

Another group of ingredients consists of 3,5-diidio-L-tyrosine, gum guggul, L-tyrosine, conjugated linoleic acid powder, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder and L-carnitine,L-valine, L-leucine, L-Glutamine AKG, taurine, beta alanine, L-glutamine, norvaline, Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium, L-Histidine HCL and glycerol, L-Arginine Ethyl Ester, L-Arginine AKG and L-Arginine.

And finally natural ingredients: magnesium aspartate that can cause problems with blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, nausea and other side effects.

Vitamin D - don't surprise if you feel fatigue and headache because they are the side effects of this vitamin along with nausea and vomiting. It can be effective for treating weak bones but it has nothing to do with the weight loss.

Calcium citrate - it is used to treat conditions caused by low calcium and can cause loss of appetite, weakness, unusual tiredness.

Vitamin B12 - some people admitted having allergic reactions to supplement with this vitamin. It is used for many diseases like memory loss, heart disease, etc. But weight loss wasn't among the listed cases when this ingredient is efficient.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects

As we have already seen from the list of ingredients there is evident that the efficiency from taking this supplement is subject to doubt. But there is a clear picture of possible side effects that a user can experience and some of them are really dangerous for your health. There are some review of those who have already taken Cardio Cuts and understood that it's not the product that is worth spending your money.

"I have chosen CardioCuts because I saw a promising advertising campaign and decided to try if it is going to work for me. But you know, I got nothing besides side effects like headache and stomach upset. Maybe it will work for you but I don't want to use it any more for my cardio exercises"

"Cardio Cuts is not an effective weight loss product not only because there is no scientific backing for the formula but it contains the ingredients that don't work properly in this blend. And I have checked it by myself. After several weeks of taking Cardio Cuts I felt no difference and decided to stop paying for absence of results"

"I have bought Cardio Šuts because it claimed to help me to lose weight but then I understood that I was mistaken and there would be no benefit from this supplement the moment I had a severe allergic reaction. And it was really expensive. Even if not my allergy I couldn't afford it any more"

Where To Buy Cardio Cuts?

Cardio Cuts is available online. You can order it using their official website or to buy it on GNC, Walmart or Amazon for $70 for one bottle. The price is really high if to count that you will need about $280 per month. You should think twice before ordering the supplement which can't guarantee you the best possible result.

My Final Summary

Finally, it can be concluded that Cardio Cuts can be a slightly effective for some people but it doesn't have any scientific evidence in being efficient and useful for users' health. That is why there is a question if you need to pay for the expensive and possibly working product if there are so many unsatisfied people around who leave negative comments about this supplement? If you want to check if it works and not afraid of possible side effects then you can try it but remember that there is no researchers' approval. I cannot recommend Cardio Cuts to usage.

Affordable Alternative

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