Force Factor Volcano Reviews - What Is It?

James Davis

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Force Factor Volcano is a supplement designed to boost your nitric oxide levels with the help of l-citrulline, vitamin B6, agmapure, l-norvaline, agmatine sulfate, l-methionine, creatine hcl, and l-glycine. It also promises to increase your energy levels, help you grow lean muscle mass and improve vascularity. The supplement was introduced in 2009 as a pre-workout product. The product was founded by a pair of Harvard University rowers. There is an official website that seems to be not very informative as it gives too little information about basic things of the product such as active ingredients, restrictions to usage and side effects. There is no exact address of the company producing the product on the website. It contains some positive customer reviews which seem to be fake. The manufacturer claims that the blends of the supplement immediately start working by increasing nitric oxide levels in the human body. You are expected to feel a sharp increase in power, endurance, and strength.

Ingredients of Force Factor Volcano - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer of the supplement gives a too brief description of the product's action, saying, for example, that CON-CRET contained in it is a form of creatine. This it too little information for potential customers to learn how it works. In fact, it is known for its ability to increase power and energy. The substance comes in a heavy powder, that is why you are required to consume plenty of water, otherwise you risk starting suffering from constipation and other adverse reactions. However, it is unknown how much of CON-CRET is contained in Force Factor Volcano. Another ingredient, Agmatine, is naturally produced by the human body. If it is synthesized inside the body, why do we need to consume artificial Agmatine? This question is not answered on the official website of the product.

Force Factor Volcano

You have probably heard of L-citrulline, creatine, and Agmatine before. They are used in some pre-workout supplements. L-Citruline is used as a vasolidator that can relax blood vessels and enhance blood flow. However, these claims are not scientifically proven. Still, the manufacturer claims that you will have bigger pumps and road-map vascularity. If the ingredient really works, you are expected to improve your general health due to the better blood circulation. The blood is expected to bring more oxygen to different parts of your body, fighting fatigue and enhancing endurance.

Another ingredient in Force Factor Volcano is Creatine HCL (short for Creatine Hydrochloride). This substance is believed to bring you on a stronger edge, however, this component is often associated with a number of side effects, such as feel bloated and excess water in the body. Bloating in the stomach area will make your waistline up to 2 inches bigger. Do you need this? According to the manufacturer, creatine will give you great gains in two weeks after using the supplement. As mentioned before, this component is also responsible for vascularity (visible veins). But I don't understand how it is possible if Creatine HCL causes retention of water in the body. The more water you have between the skin and muscle, the less visible are the veins. So, this claim is not completely true.

AgmaPure is another ingredient in the supplement. It is similar to citruline malate because it is said to increase the production of nitric oxide too. I will remind you that this factor promotes growing better pumps at the gym. As the official website promises, this compound stretches the fascia and stimulates the muscle growth. Strong fascia decreases the friction against the muscle which can be helpful in preventing hypertrophy. This ingredient also promises to increase your muscles' ability to store glycogen. Just like creatine HCL, this compound claims to increase the overall volume of cells. It means that you will have bigger muscles.

The main disadvantage about the ingredients of Force Factor Volcano is that they lack scientific studies, so nobody can say for sure that they really work. But what is more important is that, due to the insufficiency of research, it remains unknown what side effects or adverse reactions may be expected because of the supplement. Finally, the manufacturer of the product doesn't list the doses of each of the ingredients. You can see these data only after you buy the supplement and read its label.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As you can guess, the manufacturer of Force Factor Volcano does not say anything about possible side effects associated with the use of the supplement. However, due to the great number of customers' reviews online, we have learnt that the common side effect of the product is bloating. It can become a real problem for those athletes who train too much and long for a flat belly. Besides, one of the product's ingredients, Creatine HCL, has a tendency to increase water retention within the muscle cells. You may think that it is a positive moment, because the muscles will look bigger, but in reality, it is misleading. the veins will be hidden under the thick skin and your muscles won't be as lean as you wish.

Another thing for you to take into consideration is the great number of negative users' reviews about Force Factor Volcano. They reports lack of real results. The product seems to be just a way to earn money on the bodybuilding market. Everyone has a desire to see the company that actually makes the product. Let's have a look at some of the customers' testimonials.

"Using Force Factor Volcano I hoped so much to get some pump in my muscles but I failed. The product doesn't work at all. It didn't even give me more energy in the gym as it was promised on the official website."

"ForceFactor Volcano does not seem to help me with endurance. I am not interested in this product now and I don't recommend it to anyone. On the contrary, it had a bad affect on my body. I constantly suffered from bloating."

"I don't like the service of force factor Volcano staff. I order the product ten days ago but I haven't received it yet, so yesterday I called them to remind. They promised to send me the supplement in two days. We'll see."

Where To Buy Force Factor Volcano?

The supplement can be purchased directly from the official website or from a number of retails stores (GNC, Walmart). Website Amazon offers 120 capsules for $55. The cost may differ from source to source.

My Final Summary

I cannot recommend Force Factor Volcano to usage because it has a number of significant drawbacks. First of all, the product is associated with bloating and water retention in the body. Secondly, there are numerous users' reviews claiming that the supplement simply doesn't work. Thirdly, there are more high-rate nitric oxide boosters on the market. Besides, this supplement is too expensive, especially if you take into account the fact that you'll need to take eight capsules a day. However, the advantage about this product is its availability.

Affordable Alternative

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