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Each modern person wants to be slim and fit, but it is not always easy to come back to your shape you used to have in youth. The market offers another product that is claimed to help you shed a few pounds. It is called Hot Shapers. But the name derives not from expression a "hot shape", but rather from the product's ability to make you feel really hot. Due to the material this special clothing item is made of, it will raise your body's temperature considerably. According to the Company, these unusual shorts promise to help you lose weight, slim your tummy and thighs, as well as to maximize your fitness routine. As a result, you will have your over-all well-being improved too.

This sounds unbelievable, but do these shorts really produce the hot results you are looking for? The matter is that the company behind the product is not very reputable or known in the country, so it is impossible to guarantee that the product is truly effective. Second, even though the company has an official website, it does not appear to provide all the necessary information about the product. So, the question whether Hot Shapers are going to make you look hot remains still open. The whole concept of these shorts is to get you sweating, which is expected to encourage your body to lose extra pounds and reduce some inches. Even though the product comprised of the special sweat-producing material Neotex, will it be sufficient for you to get the shape of your dream?

Customer Reviews - Do Hot Shapers Really Work?

Hot Shapers

Customer reviews appear to be quite different about the product that actually was put to just one test. But even the results of this test can be placed under doubt since it was completed by the company itself. We decided to start from the hype. When it comes to the visual hype, you are offered to watch the promo video. Seeing the shape of the girls taking part in the sweat test is enough to make you want to follow them in their footsteps in order to achieve a dynamite body. The promo text focuses on the production of sweat. However, as a specialist in the sphere, I can say that sweating can promote not weight loss but water loss. Any sweating dehydrates the human body. Even if you lose water from your body, you will undoubtedly refill its content very soon, otherwise you may start suffering from dehydration.

Many potential customers wonder whether they will need to carry out any physical activity that will make them sweat while wearing Hot Shapers. The manufacturer claims that you don't need to lose much energy to start sweating, since the special material from which the shorts are made will accomplish the sweat effect. It has to be mentioned that you will need to dedicate some time to taking care of the product. You are recommended to wear the shorts every day and after each use you will need to hand wash them in cold water. So, you should be ready to spend some time on daily care procedures.

According to many customer reviews, Hot Shapers are often not as effective as claimed by the company. They do not give big results, unless used in combination with an exercise routine and low-calorie diet. The modern market offers many other wearable products that promise to help you to shed extra pounds indirectly or to camouflage your inches in a good way. I do not claim to be a weight loss expert but some other products prove to be really more effective for weight loss. We found out that the product called Hot Pants has some interesting material that is more effective for burning fat. In reality, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove that any of the shorts really work.

People who have ordered Hot Shapers online claim that the product came much smaller than what it says on the website selling it. It is difficult to pull it over your thighs and belly like it is shown in the company's commercials. Besides, some users found out that they were allergic to the material from which the product is made. The return policy presupposes only two weeks, but if the shorts don't fit you, why can't they be returned earlier? The product is a total waste of money, as many customers claim. The high price sucks too. $30 for sweat shorts. That's ridiculous! Let us take a look at the real customer reviews left online.

"I have been cheated by the Hot Shapers commercial advertisement. These shorts do not work at all for me. I do not even sweat while wearing them. My tummy is the same size. I have used it for just one month but the product is getting torn in many places. I do only hand wash, by the way. I wish I could return my money. I have always trusted Amazon but now I am disappointed with it a lot. Such bad products spoil its good reputation"

"My wife asked me to buy HotShapers for her after she saw the infomercials about the product on Univision. I know that not everything shown on TV is true, but we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, it was a waste of $80. These shorts did not make my wife lose any weight. She sweated a lot and has lost a little girth only but that girth returned really quickly. What is the worst is that these shorts are not machine-washable. Washing them by hand every day is a hassle!"

"I am so disappointed that Hotshapers didn't fit me. I ordered my size but it was still too small for me. I wanted to try this product so much! I am thinking about buying a new one but I hesitate as t is expensive. I couldn't return my purchase because I was sick and when I decided to return it later, it was too late for the company to process a return. I am very sad"

Where To Buy Hot Shaper?

As soon as you buy the product on their promo website, you will see that you have got a pair of knee pants that will scarcely fit your size requirements. One pair of such shorts is priced at $80 in addition to $10 for the shipping. Be ready to receive the product two to four weeks later than expected. If you are in a hurry to get the product be ready to pay $20 for the shipping. The product is available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, it should be said that Hot Shapers is not a cheap product, it is difficult to care for, since you will have to hand wash your shorts every day. Not all people have time for the daily hand washing regime. The product is associated with great controversy when it comes to its effectiveness. It is not scientifically proven that sweating can lead to dynamic weight-loss results. There is some concern about dehydration too. I would recommend you following the healthy diet plan and a proper exercise program. The Hot Shapers will hardly help you lose any weight.

Affordable Alternative

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