Test Worx Reviews - What Is It?

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Test Worx is a new supplement that promises to improve the user's mood, increase energy levels, and boost sex drive. This is considered to be the latest testosterone product but as it was just created, there is lack of evidence that it really works in a safe way. There is no information about the manufacturer of the product. I also failed to find its official website. However, I managed to gather information about the supplement's main ingredients and possible side effects. There is lack of clinical studies, so I don't think that Test Worx can be easily trusted.

According to the claims of retail stores selling the supplement, it is expected to boost production of testosterone and freeing this hormone if it has been bound to fat cells by SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). However, it is not explained well how Test Worx works and what exactly makes it so powerful. A great number of positive reviews on Amazon makes me a bit suspicious. To my mind, many of them are fake and have been planted by someone who works for the company. But let's try to understand whether the product is really effective by looking at its active ingredients.

Ingredients of Test Worx - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was mentioned, Test Worx claims to combat SHBG with a blend of EuryPeptides. SHBG or for Sex Hormone Binding Globulin binds testosterone cells to fat cells making them useless. If the action of SHBG is blocked, the testosterone gets free from binding to fat cells. Logically it can be used for building muscles, increasing energy levels and improving sex drive. This sounds simple, but, this chemical process has not been studied completely, thus, it would be wrong to claim that it works in the very way described higher.

Test Worx

It is also said that the blend of EuryPeptides also contains Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, and L-Arginine. The latter is an amino acid that is promised to dilate blood vessels and improve nutrient and oxygen supply to the muscles and other tissues of the body. It is expected to improve athletic performance during different types of physical activities.

The product also contains root extracts of Eurycoma longifolia and Tribulus Terrestis plants. These components are said to increase testosterone levels in the male body but once again this claim is not completely proven scientifically.

On this stage of my research work, I found out that Test Worx is manufactured in Superior Labs. They have also added vitamins B-12 and B-6 to the product. Vitamin B-12 is expected to increase the production of red blood cells and oxygen supply to the body tissues. Vitamin B-6 is said to increase testosterone production, enhance conversion of fat to energy, improve mental health and well-being in general.

Other additional ingredients in the supplement include zinc. It is a natural mineral, that takes part in the production of testosterone. This is especially important for athletes who are actively involved in muscle building.

Another component of Test Worx is Maca. It is a Peruvian herb that is believed to increase stamina and energy, reduce stress, and promote muscle gain. The supplement also has Nettle root extracts that are responsible for the process of muscle recovery. According to the company's claim, Niacinamide was added to improve athletic endurance and blood flow.

As you can see, there are many ingredients in Test Worx, however, it is unknown whether they are taken from reliable vendors and in what surrounding the supplement is manufactured. As far as I understood, it has no certifications. Most of the ingredients have not been studied enough within the scientific community, so they can be associated with a number of side effects and allergic reactions. Most of modern testosterone boosters can cause acne, mild agitation, and dehydration in some men.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

My first concern when I started studying Test Worx was whether positive Amazon reviews are fake or legit. I noticed several reviews online which mentioned that Superior Labs gave free products to people who leave positive reviews on Amazon. It means that the validity of the product comes into question as well. One user even wrote that he had a poor experience with Test Worx, then he was offered a free product in exchange for a positive review. He tried to convince that the majority of those positive reviews were fake too.

Fake positive reviews have significantly increased the ratings of this product. Many potential customers believe them and experience the same negative results. But then they are offered an extra free bottle and agree to post a positive review. One user attached a proving photo he was sent by Superior Labs. The photo contained an offering of a free bottle in exchange for a positive review.

My next concern about Test Worx was a high risk of experiencing side effects the most common ones of which are nausea and jitteriness. Some of the reviews mentioned lack of effectiveness of the supplement, while others described negative side effects. Here are some of the testimonials left my real users on the websites of different retail stores.

"Unfortunately, I did not notice any benefit even after using two bottles of Test Worx. Several times, it caused me nausea and jitters. I don't like the feeling of being ill, that is why I will never buy this product again"

"Things became so bad after I had been taking TestWorx for a week. I suffered from nausea all the time, so I stopped taking the supplement and threw it in the trash. It took me a few days to return to normal"

"TEST WORx is not suitable for people who suffer from hypertension. After this product my blood pressure has significantly and suddenly increased, I was feeling nauseated and could not sleep at all. I was jittery, and felt very nervous in general"

Where To Buy Test Worx?

Sixty vegetarian capsules cost $60 on supplementswatch.com. This is a thirty-day supply. The supplement can be also purchased from such retails stores as Amazon, GNC and Walmart.

My Final Summary

Test Worx is far from a perfect testosterone booster. I like the concept of fighting SHBG, but I would like to see any scientific backing to the product itself. The great number of fake reviews on Amazon is also disconcerting. The supplement is quite expensive and requires a very complicated regimen. The product must be used for at least six weeks before bringing any positive (if such) results. Side effects may include mild acne, agitation, and dehydration. If you wish to boost your testosterone, select a product that has a proven success and scientific backing.

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